How to create a wedding day schedule...

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Regardless of how relaxed you would like your wedding day to be, there is no escaping that you will need some level of on-the-day organising to shape it in to an actual wedding day!

I love putting a wedding day schedule together (maybe that’s just the planner in me..!), and I would say it is an essential part of the planning process – it’s the point where you see all of your hard work coming together, and provides you with an opportunity to see if anything has been missed.  Above all, it will enable you, your wedding party and wedding suppliers to know who should be where, at what time and exactly what it is that they should be doing.

So where should you begin when putting your wedding day schedule together?

Contact details

It is important to include a list of key contacts and their mobile numbers so that they are easily contactable on your wedding day.

It is also worth adding your ceremony and reception venue addresses so that it is to hand should anyone need it.

Key Timings

Begin by chronologically adding the key timings such as your ceremony, wedding breakfast, speeches, evening party and so on. Once you have these in place you can start to fill in the gaps – adding as much or as little information as you wish.

There is no right or wrong here – ultimately it comes down to how much information you want to share with your wedding party (or how much detail you’ll think they will need!).  Wedding day schedules range from just key times, through to minute by minute breakdown of the day including venue maps, floor plans, menus, seating plans and décor details!


Once you are happy with your overall timings, go back over it and provide further detail for each part of the day. Highlight what needs to happen when, where, and whose responsibility it is for overseeing that particular task (i.e. venue, caterer, bridesmaid etc..)

Set-up instructions

If your schedule is doubling up as a complete go-to guide you should also include pre and post wedding day timings if you have access to the venue either side of the wedding day itself.

Include detailed notes on exactly how you envisage certain elements to be styled, especially if you will not be on hand at the time of setting up to give your instructions.

Review and revisit

You will certainly need to review your schedule as you approach your wedding day – timings will inevitably change as your progress and you won’t get it perfect first time around!


If you do end up going all out with a minute by minute breakdown, then it would be really helpful if you also create a condensed version with just the key timings to share with your suppliers.


Before you circulate your wedding day schedule, check-in with your key wedding suppliers, such as your venue, caterer, and photographer, to check that your proposed timings make sense or if you’ve missed anything.  This is also a good opportunity to finalise any questions anyone may have.   

So there you have my guide to planning your wedding day schedule. 

If you’re still struggling to put yours together then please do take a look at my wedding planning services, including my “inspiration sessions” which would be the perfect service if you would like just like some help with going through your timings and guidance on putting your schedule together.

Natasha xo

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